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Hurricane Frederic (CAT 4)
3 P.M. Central Daylight Time
September 12, 1979


The eye of Frederic was located about 100 miles south of Fort Morgan, Alabama when this picture was taken by the GOES-2 weather satellite from a position 20,000 miles above South America. Highest winds were 135 m.p.h. around the eye with hurricane force winds (75 m.p.h. or greater) extending outward 50 miles from the center of the storm.

This print was made from a negative obtained by Dr. Bill Williams from the Satellite Data Services Division of NOAA and was prepared by the students of Gamma Theta Upsilon geography honorary at the University of South Alabama.

[The outline of the Gulf Coast States of LA, MS, AL and FL are shown in a dotted pattern.]



Selection of Photographs from the Tallassee Alabama Project