Professor Emeritus of Geography
Department of Earth Sciences, U.S.A.


















Other Publications

Short Form

An Analysis of Rural Buildings in the Tombigbee River Multi-Resource District, Alabama and Mississippi. Mobile, Ala.; National Park Service and U.S. Corps of Engineers, 1982.

A Guide to Rural Houses of Alabama. Montgomery, Ala.; Alabama Historical Commission, 1975.

A Sketch of the Upper Tombigbee Valley. Mobile, Ala.; National Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1983.

Historical Geography of the Upper Tombigbee Valley. University, Ala.; The Center for the Study of Southern History and Culture, 1982.


Cultural Resources Survey of Mobile Harbor, Alabama

The American Backwoods Frontier: An Ethnic and Ecological Interpretation

The Relationship Between “Volcanic Ash” SAK LU’UM Palykorskite in Northern Yucatan Maya Ceramics


Peripheral Visions: Politics, Society, and the Challenges of Modernity in Yucatan

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About Dr. Wilson

“Since the 1960’s he has walked, driven over, flown over and even climbed under the limestone surface of the Yucatan Peninsula. His research in Yucatan and other areas led to numerous publications and papers. Dr. Wilson has also served as a consultant on many occasions particularly when surveying and mapping were required. In fact, he continued his consulting practice well into his retirement with an emphasis on environmental impact studies.”

– Dr. Aaron Williams
University of South Alabama