Emeritus Professor of Geography
Department of Earth Sciences, U.S.A.




They Didn’t Make Cowboy Boots this Small in 1931…


Eugene and Mother Virginia in 1933



Where are all of my model airplanes mommy???


What? You threw them away?????



Eugene M. Wilson while serving in the United States Army, 1951-1957



Courting Käthe in Germany



Married in 1955



1960 - Received his B.S. in Geography from the University of Alabama
(and another baby!)



Graduate School at Louisiana State University - 1960



1964 while at the University of Alabama



1964 - Eugene has a son!

...And yes, the fish really was that Big!!



Mardi Gras - Love in the Seventies



An Early “Hipster” in Yucatan



Gotta be the Eighties, right?



Another Happy Day



Christmas 1987



Attending USA’s Commencement Ceremony, 1988



Mardi Gras 1988




Eugene with his Aunt and Uncle



2013, at his Grandson’s Wedding - Go USMC!



Happy Day at the Beach



60th Wedding Anniversary, 2015



Happy 86th Birthday!



Hats Over Our Hearts


Thanksgiving 2019


Eve Before Passing - Sunset May 4th, 2020

“Old cowboys don’t die, nor do they fade away. They just saddle up and ride into the sunset.”

Eugene M. Wilson old Cowboy's Don't Die





Precious Things…

Forget-Me-Nots, Jewelry he made, a Geode, Obsidian and Amber...







“Old cowboys don’t die, nor do they fade away…
They just saddle up and ride into the sunset.”